PEWTER LIVE 2017​​​​

The variety and quality of entries to Pewter Live 2017 was outstanding.​​ ​​​ The Pewter Live Sub-committee Chaired by Laila Zollinger put on a spectacular show with mixed media influencing the design of the displays and catalogue. 

For 2017 the Pewter Live sub-committee devised a brief for the Open competition which asked entrants to produce a pewter item, or range of pewter items, that would compliment a contemporary lifestyle, made of mixed materials, with at least 50% being constructed of pewter. The brief suggested that the other media might be glass, wood, plastic, horn, leather, fabric, another metal, stone or perhaps, paper, or a combination of these materials. The committee was keen to have a range of items including decorative, jewellery or an item for domestic use. After careful deliberation the winners and runners up were chosen with the  prizes presented by Nick Crean, Chairman of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, on Thursday 25th May. 
Pewter Live is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring designers to gain not only a valuable commission but a great deal of publicity. The three day event also had a shop selling pewter ware by leading manufacturers and Craftsmen. For a full catalogue, and PDF of the winners, please see the link at the bottom of the page.

If you attended Pewter Live and would like photographs of the event please contact Pewter Live Events.​​
Pewter Live 2017 Winners Gallery
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Pewter Live 2018 catalogue and PDF of winners