The Pewterers’ Company

is an ancient and continually evolving foundation with ​​​medieval origins as a City Guild​​​​​​. The first charter was granted by King Edward IV in 1473.  It is number sixteen in the order of  civic precedence among over a hundred livery companies.
The Company has an active, involved and diverse membership of individuals drawn from a wide range of backgrounds. The Company’s principal activities are the support of the pewter trade in this country, the management of its charities, supporting the government of the City of London and the Armed Forces of the Crown and maintaining a lively and enjoyable corporate social life. 

Company History

The Worshipful Company of Pewterers is one of the older Livery Companies in the City of London. It is number 16 in the order of civic precedence.

The Venue

The Court Room and Livery Room can accommodate up to 130 guests.The venue is air conditioned throughout.

Pewter Live

Pewter Live’s mission is to encourage
innovation in design in order to exploit
pewter to its fullest potential..

Pewter Live is open to the public on Wednesday 22nd May, 
between 10.00 and 12.00

and 15.00 and 17.00  

 Very soon after receiving its first Charter the Company looked for suitable premises for its own Hall and in 1484 acquired a site in Lime Street. A Hall was completed in 1496 and provided a centre for business and recreation, having both a garden and a vinery.

History of the Hall​​

Pewter is essentially tin, but to be worked it has to be mixed with other metals. In past centuries the Company laid down strict specifications for the alloy and up to the end of the eighteenth century monitored pewter manufacture throughout England.


Discover the Collection​​​

The Company’s collection of pewter ranges from Roman times to the present day. Including several exceptionally fine pieces from the Tudor period when pewter was at its zenith.

On the Collection page we have selected items with each have historical significance and display extraordinary craftsmanship.
The Pewterers' Annual Review
The Hall
The Court Room and Livery Room can accommodate up to 130 guests.  The venue is air conditioned throughout.​​​​​​
Catering and Events
Life’s Kitchen Ltd is the sole caterer at
Pewterers’ Hall and has a dedicated team
based at the venue.​​​​​​
Audio Visual
Pewterers’ Hall prides itself as an historical venue but we are well equipped to cater for the modern AV demands.​​